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6 things that poisons your energy

Your energy is an integral part of your life and being, and you owe yourself a duty of care to protect it diligently. When your energy is affected or poisoned with negativity, it can actually spiral your life downwards and affect your progress drastically in the process.
Your energy is connected to your peace of mind and productivity, so you should protect it and be intentional in guarding against every form of toxicity.
Here are 6 things that can poison your energy
When you gossip about others who you have a form of relationship with behind their back, you deplete your energy, and it can open the door of negativity and toxicity into your life. Gossiping about people who are your friends or acquaintances that you get to speak with or see from time to time puts you in a low vibration mode. You poison your own energy in the process, and you dim your light. Negativity against people who operate with you from a place of purity puts you at a high risk. Beware and stay away from gossiping and two-faced attitudes so you do not poison your own energy and disrupt your life in the process.
Complain is an energy vampire. Learn how to have empowering conversations always.
Forward ever backward never. As a matter of fact, I don’t give room for too much complain around me.
All my body language would be telling you of solution and why we need to move forward from that conversation
This particular one depletes your energy terribly.
Stop pouring the best of your energy on and in people who do not care to have you around them.
Respect yourself and remove yourself from such environment once you notice it.
Such vibes can poison your energy and pollute your joy alongside.
This one is very crucial. One of my core values is respect. I respect myself and respect others.
Once I confirm disrespect in a relationship or that someone is being flippant with me, I am off.
It took me a long time to start to practice this as I am a very compassionate and considerate being.
But practicing this has given me more peace and I have been able to keep the right relationships in and around my life.
Don’t be afraid of being alone sometimes. Your quest to ALWAYS be with people or in a relationship is the reason why you constantly entertain toxic people who poison your energy. Embrace your alone time so you can receive greater inspiration for your life. Your alone time helps you to set your priorities and evaluate your relationships so you can know who needs to live your life and who to keep very close.
Gratitude helps you to appreciate where you are, and it increases your positive energy.
Gratitude opens the door for more blessings for you. Stay grateful rather than whining.
When you whine always you deplete your positive energy, fall into self-pity mode and it can spiral into depression.
So, stay grateful.
If you can pay attention to these points diligently, you will start to enjoy your life and start to attract beautiful things to your life.
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