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The Liberate to Accelerate Challenge kicks off today!

Hello Happy Friday!

I am excited to share with you today because it’s the first day of the Liberate to Accelerate Challenge!

The purpose of this challenge is to free ourselves from our own inhibitions, our constraints, our mindsets, our indoctrinations, the indoctrinations of others, the heavy burdens that you are carrying around that was passed down to you from other people and that has kept you limited and small.

We would be breaking out from these captivities so that we can clean up and accelerate.

In short, we shall be removing every obstacle from our lives by the grace of God and embracing total freedom.

Ever since I understood what real freedom meant, that is freedom of the mind and soul, I don’t joke around with my freedom.

Many people would have been more than what they are today, but they are in deep captivity of the mind and soul, and when you are in captivity you cannot accelerate.

As you strive to, your mind becomes a battle ground of doubts and fear, and before you know it, you are back to square one!

Here are 7 notable points on how liberation leads to acceleration.

1. Break free from limitations. When you liberate yourself, it means that you are breaking free from limitations that are holding you back.

You shed self-imposed constraints and external barriers. You remove all sorts of rots from your mental and external space in order for you to function at the highest version of yourself……

Catch up with me on YouTube today by 1pm EST, 5pm GMT+1 and 6pm Nigerian time as we begin the first day of the liberation coaching with OOA.

Here is the link to join in DAY 1 LIBERATE TO ACCELERATE CHALLENGE

It is our year of Quantum Leap, and we are positioning ourselves appropriately in other to receive.

Please share this blog post with your friends and pull them alongside to be a partaker of this Transformational Challenge for the next 21 days.



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