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The Factors Influencing Identity Formation

I love anything that has to do with identity, I am passionate about it. For me it is a calling and a ministry.

I have been called into the ministry of breaking the yoke of Identity in the lives of people, liberating and empowering them to become who God has called them to be so that they can embrace His plans and purposes for their lives.

So, when you are looking for a solidly grounded and well rooted spiritual coach on Identity and Visionary Living, look no further, SHE IS ME!

I am happy to declare, that by the grace of God, I have been Called and Annointed for this.

In this article, I want to explore two of the avenues the enemy is using these days to distort people’s vision about their Identity and their lives.

And they are the MEDIA and the SOCIETY!

The television, movies, social media, and other forms of media can shape our perceptions of ourselves and others.

They can influence what we think is cool, beautiful, or important. They can determine how we view ourselves and who we think we are.

    We are in the world of social media, and people’s identities are deeply formed due to what they read and see on the social media.

    For instance, people have erroneously believed that they were not good enough as a result of what someone had written about them on the social media.

    In fact, some people have had to leave the social space on account of how people had perceived them, and that negatively impacted their self-identity.

    People who were rejected publicly have also had their identities destroyed, which has created an identity crisis in them.

    This is why our identity should be formed in Christ Jesus only. It is good to discover ourselves and identity, but the true joy resides in having our identities rooted in Jesus Christ!

    When we Embrace our Divine Identity, external influences have no power over us.

    As you explore and build your identity, understand that its full security only comes in Christ Jesus.

    I pray that you come to the knowledge of Christ in Jesus name!

    Scripture reference: 1Peter 2v9, Romans 12v2, Joshua 1v8

    You need mentorship and coaching on exploring your identity and embracing your divine identity?

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    I am excited at what God is set to do through you.

    You have an unlimited resource deposited in you by God to affect your generation positively, UNCOVER AND DEPLOY THEM!

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