In those days, until you are disrespected by a “seemingly” younger person, no one like to say their age.

Unlike this modern days where we are enlightened that if you don’t say your age while alive, well, something will tell us when you are gone. Yeah, bitter truth.😒

So how old are you? I even read a book that says it’s not lady like to say your age.
Well, it all depends. Age is a number and not a number.

It is a number because it’s not an alphabet. And age mates are not necessarily grace mates

It’s not a number because it’s not an excuse to be outrightly rude and dump some dumb accolades on people all in the name of being a generation WXYZ.

Well, again how old are you?

Your age shouldn’t stop you to achieve a feat or set your goals.

If you experience a set back in life, understand the feedback and bounce back.

“You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream.” – Les Brown

Remember, in the days of Methuselah when people are having sons and daughters at 450years, a 70 years will definitely be considered a new born; okay now, how old are you?

Go for the goals.

Nihinlola Latona