The inability to control accessibility of others to one’s life is a symptom of many unresolved personal issues.

Begging for attention such as lack of concept of SELF: I, Me, Myself, results in weak personal boundaries with outcome of codependency.

This is a state where people see their strengths and their usefulness through other people’s weaknesses.

Their autopilot mode is to give, give, and give too much of themselves without realising the damage they’re causing themselves.

They see only the joy, smiles, and happiness they brought to others but not connecting to the real pain in their soul and crying of their spirits for protecting themselves.

It’s a delicate balancing art for someone to know the right time and place to withdraw to inner self and rejuvenate lost essence and virtues spent to nourish others.

Why? Simple!

We are all gifted differently, we are part of the collective wealth of the humanity, and we are meant to enrich others in the areas they lack strength.

While others are actively seeking for what we have to offer, at times we are unaware that we have been targeted to be used to fulfill a needs of others.

Some not with good intentions unfortunately.

So, immediately, we discover that we can enrich others with our gifts, floodgates of people who need our gift to better their lives burst upon us. This is why everyone of us must take active responsibility and maintain strong boundaries of personal safety, general and mental well-being and security.

Basically, people that lack control over accessibility of others to themselves are not usually happy and joyful people.

The reason being that they fail to nurture the SELF in them.

Some don’t know that they have one, and owe a duty of care to it, however in a bid to give to others and nourish them, they wreak havoc to themselves.

We see this phenomenon in all life endeavours. Let’s look at entertainment sector. Many in this industry give to others without replenishing themselves in the right way. Before long they experience burnouts that makes it difficult to return to their former glorious days. Many names will rush to your mind now. Yea.

However, some of them in this same sector that protected themselves stayed longer and the glory of their latter houses of their career actually was full of fulfillment. You may also know some names in this category.

The bottom line is that we must protect us and our gifts like the best servants in the parable of Ten virgins.

The fear of manipulators, aggressive personalities, control freaks, narcissistic people, dangerous people who are takers and not givers should be the beginning of wisdom to any wise servant who is serious on stay on purpose over her/his God given gifts.

There’s no apology for being you and protecting you. It’s not a sign of selfishness but of good and faithful stewardship here on earth and of self love.

Enough of allowing other people to drain you and your resources, talents, and gifts.

They are nothing but bottomless pit that never becomes full. When they take you down they move to the next naive victim. It’s a vicious cycle for these human draining scavengers.

Protect Your Accessibility so you can make good and lasting use of your God given gifts.

Written by Mercy Praise.

Mercy Praise is a woman advocate, and she is the founder of The MCP Foundation.

You can connect with her via