One of the reasons why you need to stand on the shoulders of giants who make something leap in you regarding your vision and dream is so that you can gain clarity regarding your own journey and vision.

You might not be able to have a direct access to some of them, but when the baby in you leaps for joy when you run into any of their materials, then strive to move closer to them by getting more of their materials.
Read their books, listen to their messages and a lot of things would become clearer to you about your own journey and vision.
The first time I learnt about the Imposter Syndrome was sometimes in 2018, and I discovered that many great and gifted people suffer from this syndrome.
I heard Bishop TD Jakes’ message titled “I Didn’t Know It Was Me” recently and I gained more clarity about my own journey.
He said for many years of his life even till now, he doesn’t understand how gifted he is, and how people come from far and wide to listen to him preach, coach and mentor.
He said back in those days when the venue would be packed full, he would be there wondering who this crowd has come to listen to, and like who is TD Jakes? Lol.
What is he offering that all these people are coming to listen to him?
He said he just kept doing his thing, not still understanding how come God is using him to bless lives, and making such a huge impact while at it.
You can get to watch and listen to that message on YouTube in order to understand many things better about your own journey.
I read recently one of Betty Irabor’s article, the publisher of the Genevieve Magazine, she opened  up about suffering from the Imposter Syndrome for the 16 or 17 years of being the publisher of Genevieve Magazine, and not until recently did she begin to understand how blessed she is, how she has changed lives and narratives and come to accept this fact.
Then I also read that Michelle Obama suffered from the Imposter Syndrome.
I came to a realisation, the imposter syndrome is not entirely a bad thing.
It is to keep you in check, and help you stay grounded in your humanity, and not allowing your gift to becloud your vision and goal.
It only becomes dangerous when it begins to affect your productivity, affect your self esteem, makes you fearful and makes you begin to think less of yourself thereby allowing the thought of not being good enough to be gifted rob you of the joy that you should derive in your journey.
I believe that the people who suffer from the imposter syndrome have a high level of meekness in them which makes them question the impact their gift is making and HOW IT IS THEM making all those impact.
And this was why I wrote earlier that you need to stay closer to teachers, mentors and coaches who make the baby in you leap for joy regarding your own journey.
It helps you gain clarity, you get ready answers to some of your own struggles, you do not make the same mistake they made, and you are able to stay encouraged by how they overcame whatever struggle they had that is similar to yours.
Stand on the shoulders of giants that makes the baby in you leap for joy regarding your vision.
Thank you for visiting my website, I hope to see you again.