Today’s Woman-Article written by Oluwatoyin Aremu.

Who exactly is a woman, is she really a weaker vessel as generally said? The society has somehow made many women forget how treasured they are simply because they are described as being a weaker vessel. Weaker vessel in the context of 1Pet. 3:7 does not mean intellectual weakness, physical weakness, or spiritual weakness I must say.  It only means women are wired more emotionally than the men, and they long for care, Deborah in Judges 4 was a woman and she led Israel for 40 years even going to battle front; Mary Slessor was also a woman, I am also a woman by His grace.

Do not be bothered when you’re addressed as weaker vessel, guess why; 1 Cor. 1:27 ‘But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty’. Look at the second part, He (God) has chosen the weak, it means you’re a chosen vessel for God. My dear sisters, you are a precious creation, fearfully and wonderfully made with a divine assignment in the fulfilment of God’s purpose here on earth meanwhile it is okay to be fearful to some persons if they do not see you as beautiful, smiles.

Now that been said, you’re not a woman just to give birth and take care of the house or be a career person, no! You’re more than that. You occupy a serious position in the life of a man and even your children, you are the body to make his (husband/men) head grow high or tall. Do not always think of what the man you will marry will do for you but what you will do for him to make a difference in his life? That is when he is favored with God as a result of meeting you. Behind a respected and honored man stands a woman who takes her role as a ‘helper’ seriously. A woman that knows her position and recognize her work in the life of that man and do it will definitely make the man honorable and stand before kings. Which also means the man must do his part by treating her just as the queen she is,  not forgetting that she is the product of any deposit you put in her.

A woman who embodies the following attribute shouldn’t be taken as a joke, or kicked down by her man. Many women have entered into marriage with this mindset, to help the man build, to nurture their home to fruition, but they get battered by their men, they are not appreciated, they make the sacrifices of these women look worthless. Dear man, do not allow yourself to be used by the devil to tear down your own destiny. That woman is a treasure, she is the favour God has bestowed upon you, and how you treat her would determine how easy and fast you would get to the destiny God has purported for you in life. Do not turn a good, godly woman into a bitter woman whose heart has been turned away from blessing you, cherish that woman and see how beautiful and enriching your life would become.

Dear women, your position in the life of your man is beautiful and full of power which when used with wisdom and a heart attuned to God, your man would always listen to you because he recognises the wisdom that comes out of you. Look at Mary the mother of Jesus in John 2:1-11, the wedding at Cana of Galilee, where Jesus went with His mother where he turned water to wine. Do you know that Mary knew her position well as a woman, which was why she could approach Jesus when the wine was exhausted, she operated in her zone with full authority. Come to think of it; was Jesus a wine maker or what was his business about wine but she knew whom Jesus was, she was determined to be a help in the fulfilment of His destiny. Now, Jesus answered her and said it wasn’t yet His time and guess what this woman of faith, purpose driven and helper did? In verse 5 of that John 2, she told the servants that they should do whatever He says, Jesus didn’t give her the assurance of doing anything but Mary knew her worth and position, she has spoken and alas in verse 7, Jesus gave the servants way out. What an influence of a woman which marked the beginning of His miracle! (Right influence)

How well are you supporting the man in your life or how well are you ready to support the man in your life or influence him to be a better person? This does not stop in physical outlook, it is about your spirit, who controls your heart, have you allowed God? I must say to make a difference in any man’s life, you must have been making difference in your own life, any woman can spend a man’s money, but only a real woman can help a man achieve his goals, support him when he’s broke, push him to be successful, compliment him on regular basis and never kick him while he’s down. Some women are in the habit of nagging, comparing, being ungrateful, destroying the man (with their words) and the home gradually, this at times might come from a place of pain, but these actions ruins whatever joy is left in that home.  As women, our words are powerful and like a double edged sword when it’s not seasoned.

Brick by brick sisters, you build or break your house with your WORDS, your TOUCH, your INVESTMENT of time and money, your ACTIONS and REACTIONS to yourman.

Please dear women, do not destroy a man’s self-worth with your unwholesome words because things are not right with him at the moment. Do you know what can happen in the next second? Do you know what table the Lord is preparing for your man? Do you know how rich the Lord has garnished this table for you, for him?

Please change that habit lest you ruin your relationship or his destiny. Day by day you hold the ability to tear your house down with nagging, laziness, folly, impatience, outbursts of anger or bitterness. Let me conclude with this; a woman that prays is definitely a tool in the hands of the Lord to safeguard herself, her marriage (husband and children) against the devices of the enemy. Praying for your husband/children (born or unborn) in accordance with the will of God can never lead you down the wrong path. For the words that comes out of your mouth has life in it: to either make or break your husband’s destiny and purpose, children and marriage. Praying for your husband or fiancé brings God’s presence into the center of your marriage or relationship. As a woman, you need to recognize that you need God’s grace and strength to really occupy the position God gave you as a help and build a lasting home.

I  implore and encourage you dear women to take charge and be the woman God wants you to be. You’re to be a voice in this world, a trail blazer, you are a unique vessel, apple of God’s eyes.  I challenge you; arise and take the world for God starting with your home.

Be a woman of purpose and not be destroyed by pleasures, take your rightful position today. Be a woman of worth so that you can raise great generations and be called blessed.

Oluwatoyin Aremu


Oluwatoyin Aremu is a woman of God, she mentors youth and she calls the vision Kingdom Elect Youth(KEY).  Her write ups are so enriching, and comes from a place of grace. You can connect with her on facebook with her name, and I believe you would be blessed.

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