Body Enhancement By Women.

There is a trend going on now about women attributing body shaming to the reason why they are going for a body enhancement via surgery and I am worried for them.

Body shaming should never be a reason to go under the knife to enhance your body.

Like seriously?

What if something goes wrong or the surgery disfigured you?

We have heard stories of women getting disfigured via body enhancement surgery

Would the body shamers still be blamed?

Own Your Decisions personally.

Do not let people push you to do things like that.

Let it be that it is what you want.

I have not seen the person that will body shame me and make me feel shame, or push me to go under the knife 😮😮

Please stop giving people too much power over your life to the point of taking such decisions that has a huge risk.

And sometimes it is also pepper dem and low self esteem jare, let’s be realistic.

You also want to do it to belong and to boost your self esteem.

This self esteem thing comes from the inside

No amount of body enhancement can enhance it if you do not work from the inside out by dealing with envy, unhealthy competition, self comparison, greed, self condemnation, low self esteem etc

Is this post against what adults do with their bodies?


This post is against being triggered by nay sayers to the point of going for a surgery to shut them up

Let me burst your bubble

You can never shut them up.

People like that always look for another thing to shame and insult you, so it is worthless taking such a huge risk to shut them up.

It could go wrong for you and they will laugh and spit at you.

May we be wise



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