Maintaining Relationship Boundaries

Personal development cuts across every area of our lives. You must make effort to improve in your personal development each and every day.

You need to build your potentials, your social and human capital, build your capabilities to manage life accordingly and evolve against all odds.

Personal development is so very crucial, and it helps our relationship with other people; it also helps us to maintain boundaries, it will help you from making social and ethical mistakes.

Many people are ignorant of a lot of relationship rules and boundaries because they have not personally developed themselves, other times, it’s pride, shadiness and just manipulation at play.

If you have a relationship with someone, and you need something from one of their contacts, that is people you met through them, do not go directly the first time.

It is ethical and positions you as a person who is genuine when you go through the person who you met them through before you build a closer relationship with that contact.

That first meeting determines a lot about you, and it shows your level of integrity and loyalty.

I gave two people kudos recently when they came to ask me to help them speak to someone because the person was my contact.

They could have gone directly, but they chose to come and ask me first.

I just realized after my encounter with them that this personal development thing is so very crucial, and it increases people’s social capital.

The danger of going directly when you met that contact through someone you have a relationship with is that by the time the person relates to them that you came, it sends a different kind of message about you to both people, most especially to the person you went to meet once they realized the link between you both was unaware you were coming to see them or ask them for a favor.

Pay attention to these things

It can water down your influence and the trust people have in you.

You can destroy their relationship with that contact because the person might feel exposed when you come directly to them.

You should also look inwards and deal with that instinct that makes you go behind people’s back to connect with their contact

It is a form of hustling

You can lose benefits you could have gained if you had gone through the link instead of going directly.

Sometimes it is pride too

You don’t want to go through the link because you are dealing with pride.

These are the reasons people hide their contacts these days, they are protecting them from relationship hustlers.

Let’s do better and keep evolving

In the journey of growth, you cannot afford to be ignorant.

Learn, evolve and grow.

Let your good conscience always be at work.

Be very plain in all kinds of relationship you find yourself, it saves you and keeps your integrity intact.

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Written by Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu

Publisher and Identity Coach at Hadar Creations


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