Embrace your process

As a person, if you are bereft of self worth, self esteem and contentment you are prone to all kinds of vices.

You would be easily intimidated by people who you perceive are better than you and you’d want to do everything to meet up.

You would start from lying and living a fake life in other to gain access, then to maintain the access you enter into fraud, crime, prostitution, and all sorts of things that can rob you of your integrity and name.

It is very important that parents teach their children from home about self esteem, self worth, contentment, validating one self and self belief.

Teach your boys and girls these things so they don’t grow up to destroy themselves in their quest to belong as a result of insecurity and smallness that they harbour in themselves.

It is a beautiful place of peace not to be moved by what people have, but to face your lane and embrace your process.

Process is key.

Don’t be faster than God and your process

Take it easy and face your lane.

There are a lot of lessons to learn on your journey as you embrace your process

Be calm to learn them so you are well equipped for your future.


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