Your life is not a democracy: MOVE ON

No matter what title or anointing you carry, reduce yourself to your name in your heart.

Be complete without those titles.

Some of us are also dealing with the pride of life under the guise of obedience to church authority.

You love those positions you occupy, you feel they complete and define you, this is why you can choose to endure a deadly situation in other not to offend your church leaders and mentors.

Reduce yourself only to your name in your heart so that men will not entrap you.

In my life I have walked away from positions that left people in shock and perhaps some of them thought maybe I lacked wisdom.

I remembered telling an elder who I really respected in church God asked me to leave a position and the man said its not true I was only consoling myself 😂😂🤣

Very lovely man and kind, but he didn’t understand why I would choose to walk away from that position and that perhaps I was being foolish

Oh well few months later everyone understood I serve a living God and He speaks to me….

When I tell you about MOVING ON I am telling you from various experiences, even the ones that broke me.

See listen, learn how to walk away from situations most especially the one that God tells you to walk away from.

Learn how to walk from situations that wisdom reveals to you to walk away from

Learn how to recognise things that tampers with your joy and mental health and walk away from them if there is no form of changes.

This is not about marriage alone, but about every aspect of your life.

Your life is not a democracy, take your decision and be courageous to stick to it without wavering as long as you are sure you are doing the right thing.

Titles do not define you, remind yourself this so that God can even lift you higher.




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