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Women and the fear of Tech

I remembered how clueless I was when I wanted to build my first website. It felt like magic, and that it was not a female territory. The only boldness I had then to even consider it was that the Holy Spirit had told me to START BLOGGING.

I started to research, and I found myself on WordPress. I was lost, totally clueless and extremely terrified. Remembering the deluge of feelings I had then when I landed on my WordPress website is so hilarious to me now.

I told my husband my fear and how I could not go on, he told me to calm down and pray about it. I listened and I did pray after which I went back to the website backend section and I started to build one after the other. Within an hour or so my website was ready!

Since then, I have gone ahead to build websites for more women, even an ecommerce website that had over 200 products. Did all that as a side gig. I am grateful that my fear never held me down, neither did my gender limited my mind and my self belief at the end of the day.

Sometimes the only reason why you are afraid of tech as a woman is because you feel that it is only a territory that is meant for men. So you limit yourself, and your mind thereby subjecting yourself to a life of dependence on others and a life of mediocrity. What that does to you is to automatically decrease your value and make you to always depend on people on little things that you can do by yourself swiftly.

I want you to get over that fear today and begin to face your fears.

When I tell some women that being tech savvy is so easy, they freeze or go into a fearful mode till I begin to make them take those baby steps themselves without having to teach them anything, and boom they realize it was not magic after all.

As you read this, I am reiterating that being tech savvy is so easy, here are a few of the steps I have shared with women who were afraid of tech and have now began to run things by themselves to my joy and pride.

  • Eradicate your fear
  • Follow the promptings of whatever app you need to use or learn
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Go on YouTube and learn about how to use them
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or being laughed at
  • Pay an expert to teach you one on one
  • Practice over and over again

Before you know it you’d also become an expert who is sought after

Some of the people you envy and see as experts started to learn from somewhere

All the organizations I have worked for, they took interest in me because it was evident from my CV how tech savvy I was.

Being tech savvy gives you an edge in the job market, and it makes recruiters see you as someone who would be a fast learner when it comes to using a new software

Start today and elevate yourself.

You can do it and you can do it BEAUTIFULLY.

I am rooting for you!

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Written by OOA

Publisher and Identity Coach at Hadar Creations