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Creating Visibility for Women Creatives

One of the things that I love to do is to give visibility to women who are creatives, very skilled and are walking a purposeful path. As an Identity Coach and a woman who has had to find her path by self-discovery, I have CONSISTENTLY used my business and platform at Hadar Creations to help women discover themselves and begin a purposeful journey towards leadership.

We have also discovered Talented and skillful Women and gave them visibility so that they can start to believe in themselves, in their abilities and prowess.

I believe every woman walking a purposeful path deserves to be given visibility no matter how big or small your platform is as a woman.

Are you a woman who gives visibility to other women or you find it hard to give visibility to other women, whereas you love to be given visibility? These and many more are some of the biases that we women must break so more women can rise to the top thereby making more room for women in leadership.

Giving visibility to women in your circle and women who are not in your circle but are doing beautifully well should not be a big deal, however some women find it very difficult as a result of pride, unhealthy competition and self-comparison.

Guard Your Heart and stop the comparison.

Learn how to celebrate a fellow woman who is doing well

Learn how to give her a shout out without bias or feeling like your own light will go dim.

I have seen women who love visibility and court it, but they dodge or find excuses at giving other women visibility.

It is a bias, and it is not an attribute of leaders.

We must learn to be above all these negativities as women

When we can shut down the bias internally, then it would be easier to shut down the external bias.

When women support one another, great and powerful things happen.

When women are unbiased towards one another we become a FORMIDABLE FORCE.

I look forward to seeing more women who give visibility to other women heartily, and without reservations.

Is there a Creative Woman doing well in your circle or around you that you admire?

Please celebrate them and help noise them both home and abroad.

It is a beautiful thing to do, and a beautiful sight to behold.

Happy International Women’s Day 2022



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