I once listened to Bishop Abioye of Winners Chapel Church some years back, and he said in that message that there are some people he no longer picks their call because all they ever had to tell him on phone were negative things.

He said anytime they called, his spirit sinks after the call and he becomes depleted.

He had to protect his spirit by refraining from picking their calls.

Some people would think that was too harsh, but I tell you the day you understand that as a born again christian, you are not a super hero, your walk with God would become more beautiful and meaningful.

Being a child of God does not mean you should open yourself up to negativity, arsenals and attacks that are detrimental to your spirit and mental health.

I see a lot of Christians make this mistake.

See listen, you are not a SUPER HERO, that you are a born again christian does not make you one.

Opening yourself up to negativity just to prove that you are true child of God can plunge you into a state of depression and hopelessness if you are a very sensitive being.

Things settle into our spirit without us knowing, only to begin to manifest later.

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of life.

Take note of the word diligence.

You owe yourself that duty of care to guard your heart against all odds, not going around proving things to people for the sake of approval and validation.

Protect your spirit and mental health.

Be proactive about this and don’t ever feel guilty about it.

We owe everyone Love and Peace, but we do not owe everyone a relationship if they are a danger to our mental and spiritual well being.

Fight for your soul first, before you start fighting for other people’s own.

You are not called to open yourself up to negativity in order to prove that you are a christian.

That is dangerous and extremely hypocritical.

These days I am on a mission to enforce my boundaries even more in other to protect my spirit and guard my peace.

The most important thing is keeping a clean heart and wishing everyone well.

Being obedient to God first and above all.

Do you have a clean heart towards your friends and neighbour?

Once your heart is certified clean, you bear no grudge, then keep it moving irrespective of whatever anyone believes or how they think you must practice your faith.

Peace is very costly, these days I no longer toy with mine, neither do I succumb to proving anything to people to prove my faith.

Your peace is a gateway to you living a wholesome life.

You had better be proactive about guarding it.