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Mentorship is not for everyone.

I would like to say that mentorship is not for everyone.

The fact that you can advice people, maybe you have things going on well for you, that people can learn from doesn’t mean you can be a mentor.

To be a very good mentor, you must have a skill in human engineering, mentorship is very challenging and one of the reason why mentorship is challenging is the law of diminishing excitement.

When people first reach out to you to mentor them, they are excited, they promise you heaven and earth, don’t worry I am going to be a good mentee, don’t worry, I am going to listen.

But when that law of diminishing excitement stops, you begin to wonder if this was the same person that came to you for mentorship.

So as a mentor, you have to understand that when the law of diminishing excitement fades away, then what it requires is patience.

You need patience to be able to mentor people.

Many of the people that comes to you wants instant answer, but what they fail to realize Is that mentorship is a journey, it is not something you can just do in one or two weeks and then you are done.

Mentorship is present continuous, it is time consuming, it is physically, mentally and financially draining, it is going to cost you as a person as well.

Been a mentor also make you prone to attacks.

So you must be ready for attacks and premium disappointments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also with mentorship it is possible that you give your all and those people that you gave your all to are those people that would raise against you.

So you give everything you have, those would be or might be the people that would raise against you the most, so you need to start seeing that position of mentorship as an opportunity to shine the light.

It is not about you, you are just a medium and also remember that when Jesus healed 10 lepers, only one person came back, that is 10%, if you calculate that percentage, only 10% came back and that is Jesus that is the saviour, how much more you.

You might not even get up to 10%, so to be a successful mentor, I would say that be more of a listener than a talker.

so if people come to you, you listen and also learn to mind your business, don’t Lord your principles over anyone, if people don’t agree with you, it is fine, don’t take it personal and don’t struggle to be their parents.

You are not their parents, you are just their mentor.


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