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The act of mentorship by Lah Mi Tanko

Lah Mi Tanko, a social media strategist and handler, a content creator and ghostwriter speaks on the act of mentorship.

In her words, she said.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, mentors are good. It’s very profitable to have a GOOD mentor.

If some of us had/have mentors, we’d have been farther than this in life.

Mentors are like managers. They will guide, direct and shape you.

I will tell you the mistakes a lot of you make, you select mentors base on fickle things…

You see someone with bastard-tendencies, you select them because they wear good clothes and their carelessness humbles you.

You select someone with Oloriburuku-potentials because they speak and write well.

You don’t have a discerning spirit and that is why these mentors mess you up in the end.

What a lot of you call a mentor is just admiration.
It takes a lot to be a mentor.

Let the person be older and more experienced, let their drives and passion align with yours.

Don’t be a career-driven person and have a mentor who is a religious-driven person, who is only driving to Heaven. You will have issues.


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