Challenges which most of us perceive as problems can no doubt be so overwhelming, while you try to make people see reasons with you.

It can be so heartbreaking to see and know that nobody understands even when they try to.

You are screaming about how you feel, thinking they can’t hear you but they are.

At this time, you see every reaction as wicked and harsh which makes you think of ending it within a second.

QUESTION: Does ending is worth your life and existence?

But shall we be truthful with ourselves?

Challenges can be draining and consuming which makes us feel cast away because we feel God doesn’t love us.

Some would say we don’t have it WORST.

I am telling you that we don’t have it BETTER either.

But we can have it BEST by making an excellent decision out of it.


When trying to give END a meaning, do not give it meaning with the precious life God gave you.