Grace helps you to maintain your salvation and that is why, when you come to the throne of Grace, you find mercy.

When you get to the throne of Grace, you find help.

Grace helps you to deny ungodliness.

Grace helps you to get salvation.

The Grace of God is sufficient in our lives.

Grace is God’s strength and ability in you.

The working of God’s power in every individual is by the Grace of God.

Grace enables you to receive the impactation of his power.

The Grace of God gives us access to his wealth.

The ability to keep going even when you feel God has forsaken you is by Grace.

Grace helps to leverage against anything any mountain before you.

Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?

Grace is not meant for us to keep living in sin.

Grace gives you the capacity not to sin.


Being in Christ Jesus stops condemnation.

If you do not work according to the flesh there’s no condemnation.

The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is what takes condemnation away.

The law could not give us perfection and freedom but Grace brought it through Christ.


Jesus took over the mediation of the high priest over the law

Jesus puts himself in our shoes.

Giving up his life gave us the right of admission to the throne of Grace.

Grace is the bridge between God and man.

The gap that the first Adam created, Grace came to bridge it.

It divided the holy place from the holy of holies.

Behind the veil was the ark of covenant and mercy seat.

Behind the veil was where God dwelt.

The veil symbolically represents the sin of men, the veil limited access of man to God but by Grace that limited access has been broken and torn.

Grace gave us direct access to God.

Grace is the liberty to get things right.

God never sees your sin, Grace covers it all.

May the Grace of the Lord abide with you as you submit in all things to our Lord Jesus Christ.