Too muchch of everything good.

I still can’t bring myself to the realisation that too much of a good thing is bad.

If wanting something good at all times is bad, so why is it in existence? Why do we have to see such or encounter it at all?

I am sure this was exactly David’s thoughts upon seeing naked Bathsheba who was having her bath in the hot afternoon as at the time David went up his house to feed his eyes with the beauty of nature.

But upon seeing naked Bathsheba, he became caught up in the beauty of God’s creature and couldn’t but admire and adore God’s creature.

A strong desire for Bathsheba coarsed through David and he felt like touching her fair skin without much ado.

Why would such a paragon of beauty belong to Uriah?

Uriah the Hittite of all people, he thought to himself.

David, could no longer contain himself, so he sent for beautiful Bathsheba.

You might begin to wonder what Bathsheba had that David’s other wives doesn’t have, it is worth thinking about.

But lack of self-control and greed took over David’s brain because he was asking for something good at the wrong time, and also acting wrongly.

He acted according to his power and position.

Upon seeing Bathsheba, David bent his head, his lips claimed hers, the kiss was soft and sweet.

As he dug his fingers into her hair, he heard a gasp, was it him or her or both of them at the same time?

He wasn’t sure, but that was the least of his problem now as his senses had exploded.

Wanting very good things is not a sin, in fact it is our right to want and taste for the good things of life.

But are you wanting the right thing at the right time or at the wrong time?

Are you wanting the right thing as a result of selfishness?

Are you wanting someone else’s property because you feel it’s good and you should have it?

David in the Bible was wanting something good that wasn’t his and that led to God’s anger.

However, wanting an excess of something good can lead to temptations and complains, it can lead to grumbling and murmuring, which is a result of lack of contentment, greed, and also lack of self-control.

Modesty is contentment.

Modesty does it at all times.

Be modest in all your thoughts and live a contented life always.