I first heard about the Shrug Therapy from Joyce Meyer and after listening to that sermon, I realized I have practiced this therapy for many of the things that should break and silence me in my life.

Shrug therapy simply means that you let the things you cannot control the past and you carry on with your life no matter how bad those things want to crush you.

It is also another word for the Shift Concept.

Shrug therapy is extremely therapeutic, things that should crush you, you shrug your shoulders and move on.

Life begins to respect you if you make use of the Shrug Therapy a lot.

Even you would begin to respect yourself also and even more.

It doesn’t mean you bury your feelings, you acknowledge, but don’t begin to allow those feelings to control you for long to the point that they would destroy your life just as the devil wants.

Shrug Therapy helps your stress level.

It helps you to deal with life with a lot of joy, strength, and peace.

Whatever lemon life throws at you, rather than complaining always about the taste and how sour it is, quickly make Lemon Squash and begin to drink and sell, that is one of the advantages of the Shrug Therapy.

Somebody would lose their job, they shrug it off and move on, hoping and believing for a better job, while another would get an undeserving query at work and would allow it sink them, depress them, they become hateful, bitter, lose concentration at work and finally get sacked.


They gave into their feelings till it began to control them and it destroyed their life.

While the person who lost their job moved ahead of those feelings, got a better job, and even started a business alongside.

Learn how to use the Shrug Therapy to throw detractors off guard, it works a lot.

It’s the year 2020, a year no one expected but I can tell you it’s the year I am most grateful to God.

God is faithful!

Practice more of shrug therapy and Own Your Mind, it would help your growth, you would evolve and become a better person while at it.


Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu.