Dill has been trying to get back to his feet but he is scared of what people will say due to his past.

Do you know, that your past is an eye-opener of what your present is now?
While we have a past, it’s just the experience that differs.

Let’s see what a past means.
Past means the period of time that has already happened, in contrast to the present and the future.

Let’s pick this one after the other.
PERIOD OF TIME: This means that whatever occurred in your past was for a particular time, that is, It took place at a specific time.
It was appropriate for it to occur because it was an inevitable progression into the future.
It means that if you had known better, you would have done better.

HAPPENED: What took place in your life a long time ago occurred unexpectedly, you encountered it by chance, it was unplanned.


That is there’s a huge difference between your past and your present.

But do you know that there’s a table some of us are still sitting on?

The table of not letting go, but you know something dear?
That table really needs to break.
We can’t keep sitting on this table because we really need to get up, dust our bums and move on in as much we have realized our mistakes and we have genuinely repented.

There’s a huge fear in us that someone who knows us would point out our past right to our face, so due to that, we have refused to come into the light and make them know that we have truly changed.
We are hiding because we feel people might believe we have changed, we are hiding because we feel so sorry and sad that what our past says is nothing to write home about, so we choose to remain where we are.

WE ARE SCARED because deep down we have changed but we are not ready to face the world due to what they feel we are and their thoughts towards us.
I think it’s high time we do it afraid.
It’s high time to own up to that change and let them point out our past to us because it only makes us better.

It isn’t that easy right?
But the most difficult thing to do to yourself is to stay hiding and refusing to let that light shine.

We all have a past, it’s just the experience that differs.