Back in the days, being introverted was something many people did not understand, and this made many people to label introverted people negatively.

People are fond of picking on the quiet ones in the group, in the class, in the crowd.

The one who rarely speaks is seen as one who has come to spoil the party.

They make people uncomfortable, so people rarely wanted to be around them.

In some parts of the world, most especially where I come from where communal spirit is the culture, and is well celebrated, that kind of nature is not encouraged and is usually frowned upon.

It was not until recent years that psychologists began to educate the society on Introversion and Extroversion, and more people began to learn and unlearn about these behavioural patterns.

Who is an Introvert?

An introvert can be described as someone who speaks less and internalises more.

They process things mentally and digest it more than they speak.

They would rather process things mentally and internalise rather than engage in a conversation.

They prefer to pour their energy into writing in other to express their feelings than speaking.

All these and many more are what makes up the behavioural pattern of an introvert.

One of the mistakes introverts make is thinking that something is wrong with them by the way they react to their environment. This feeling does not even become easier considering the way people react towards introverted people and get uncomfortable around them.

It took me a long time in my life to discover I was an introvert.

I had always thought I was shy and that I lacked confidence, and this thought about myself stayed with me for a very long time in life, not until I began to read about introversion, and how much power and greatness lies in being an introvert.

Here are some of the Powers Introverts have and how they can manage these Powers

Self Discovery: As an introvert, you need to understand yourself, discover who you are, analyse your emotions, understand why you feel a certain way, channel your emotions appropriately. When you have this proper understanding of who you are, and you are able to manage your emotions appropriately, then you are able to master the power behind who you are, and no one can make you feel less than who you are, or belittle you for being different from the pack.

Creativity: Introverts are usually very creative people. Many of the greatest artist are introverts. According to Albert Einstein he said  “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”   Living a quiet life away from noise is a road to success and greatness if that solitude and quiet mode of living is channeled appropriately. Solitude is not a time to feel sorry for yourself, or wonder why you don’t fit in, rather it is a time to GET TO WORK and do powerful things. It is a time when ideas come at you in waves, the chirping of the birds alone, or the silence in your surrounding without unnecessary chattering can open you up to unusual ideas that can lead to great innovations.

Purposeful: Introverts are purposeful people once they understand who they truly are. As an introvert, the greatest and most beautiful thing to happen to me was when I realised how much of a purposeful life I could live as an introvert. I look at things critically before I take decisions. I look at the consequences of whatever decision I want to make before I venture into it. I analyse and preempt whatever consequence could come after whatever action I take. This has always helped me to navigate whatever tide that might come after. An introvert who is self aware will make decisions and stick to it. Why? Because decision making does not come to them easily.So the moment they decide to do a thing finally, then they are going to stick to it and make sure it becomes successful.

Powerful Relationships: Many introverts do not trust people easily, neither do they bring people closer to their personal lives easily. Once an introvert decides to trust or love, they go all the way, and it is usually intense. They are often times able to build right relationships with the right people because of their ability to study people and understand who they really are. This does not mean they don’t get their hands burnt sometimes, but they know how to channel this lesson into building better and mutually fulfilling relationships on the long run. As an introvert you need to invest in meaningful relationships which does not make you feel wasted. Invest in relationships where trust is key, as this would help your intensity not to be misplaced or misused by wrong and draining relationships.

Excessive Focus: This can sometimes be seen as a negative trait in an introvert, however it can become your greatest power. That single mindedness, the ability to fully concentrate on an idea or a project can lead you to greatness. As an introvert I do not share what is in motion in my life. I have listened to people and tried to unlearn this habit, but I realised it’s a huge set back for me. I often times do not begin or  complete the task I share ahead of its starting. I freak out, I feel monitored, I lose interest and the nobility of doing something that is personal to me first before sharing with the public. I had to revert back to my normal self by holding my cards to my chest, and only share with VERY important people in my life who needs to know, the people I trust their advise and counsel. and who understands me. This has helped me a lot in achieving most of my dreams.

These and many more traits are what makes an introvert unique, however for you to attain this uniqueness you need to understand yourself, peel off every mask that is not making you see who you truly are. Once you do that, then you have to go through the journey of self acceptance and begin to do great things with yourself. Being an introvert is a beautiful and a unique way of life, you are powerful more than you know. Don’t let anyone or self limiting thought relegate you to the bottom in life, you are made for the top. Rise and Soar!

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