Sometimes in December, one of our employees at my place of work  had his birthday, and as the HR manager, the duty fell on me to get him a cake.

So I went to scout for a cake in the shops  around the corner of my office.

I saw a well decorated cake which would fit the budget of what we had planned, however there was a but!

The cake was expiring same day.

Here is the big deal, I hate anything that would expire in a month, not to talk of a day. So if someone were to gift me such a cake on my birthday, trust me I would not eat it once I sight the date.

I feel like I am going to crash if I eat anything expired or about to expire hahaha, my phobia for expired product is that terrible lol.

So I looked at this cake in all its beauty, I was contemplating on buying or not.

Edible stuff like that kind of cake would not harm if it were eaten that same day, this I knew.

I am very familiar with Europe, and I know that the shops gather stuff like that and they give them to charitable organisations, and also to hungry and homeless people since it can still last for one or two days after the expiry date.

However my conscience won, I could not buy the cake.

I wore the shoes of the celebrant, and I knew if someone were to gift me that cake, I would take it but would not eat it.

So I walked further down the street, about 300 meters down the road, and went to get him another cake.

Why did I share this story?

Many people give people what they cannot eat.

You give people rotten food.

The other day a lady told me how her former boss gave them rotten foods from the fridge.

You give people torn and wretched clothes

You give people shoes that are tattered

You give people horrible things that you cannot use all in the name of giving.

Ask yourself, are you really giving, or you are just looking for who to dump your wastes or condemned items on?

Why can’t you patch that torn cloth before giving it out?

Why can’t you repair that bad shoe and make it look at least presentable?

What if the person you are giving them to have no money to patch them, would you be happy seeing them wear such tattered things you gave them outside, perhaps to an occasion?

Well, we have also seen many women have their kids well dressed, while their house-helps looked so tattered and unkempt.

It’s a new year and decade, please do better, change your ways.

Activate your humanity.

Give people things in the best of it’s shape.

Give people things that you would also be happy to receive if you were at the receiving end.

I am not saying you give people the equivalent of what you can give yourself, but give people things from the depth of your humanity, give soulfully, give with care.

Don’t forget God checks our motives, the receiver might be grateful, but God sees all.

So give well and give right.

Thank you for reading.

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It’s a new year and I am going to be writing and sharing on this space as often as possible.