One of the reasons why we experience out right failure in life is that many of us are actually afraid to fail.

We practically walk on egg shells around our vision.

We are afraid to explore things around our vision because we feel we might mess things up.

Once upon a time I never knew I could download free apps from Microsoft suite. I never explored Microsoft to that level ever since I had been using it.

I kept suffering and going through a longer route to do stuffs that I could have done by just downloading free apps from the suite until earlier this year when I just tried and voila it clicked!

I remember when my publishing outfit Hadar Creations started this year, I was practically jittery. Here was I a lawyer(non practicing), and an author delving into graphics and design, an area I never thought I could ever venture into as a result of fear. I was so afraid that I could not properly explore the apps I was using very well. I was afraid if I did, I was going to mess things up. I was afraid to fail or falter so I played safe by sticking to a comfortable area of the app and its usage. However one day my fear was lifted, and I decided to explore this app, I was amazed at its richness and depth. I had so much resources inherent in that app that I didn’t explore as a result of fear.

This is how many of us are, and this is what is limiting us from fully exploring our inherent treasures and unleashing them.

Rather than sticking to the status quo for the fear of ruining things, please try out new things, don’t be afraid to fail or mess things up.

If it scatters you will rebuild again.

The reason why children are given blocks to build is to improve their cognitive skills.

They keep building and scattering until they actually get it right and become so skillful at creating lots of shapes and designs with their blocks.

Don’t be afraid to explore your vision, inside it lays gold and many more gold.

Keep digging and exploring till you become the BEST at what you do.

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