I remember whilst growing up, mom took us to her friend  son’s  birthday party, he was 10 years old then, the mom was called to dance with her son, on getting to the stage she bursted into uncontrollable tears, as kids we were all embarrassed and we couldn’t fathom the reason why she had to embarrass herself, us and son that much (how funny,  I wonder what was our own stake in it LOL) the son hugged her(how deep is the love between a child and a mother)  and she comported herself afterwards.

I also remember a neighbor celebrating her daughter’s 21st  birthday, same thing happened, she wailed and wailed and I think I got her a little bit because I was a lot grown then and something tugged in my heart while she was crying.

Becoming a mom has made me get the reason behind those moms tears totally, motherhood is hard, very hard and deep.

The emotions and love that comes with it is scary, it’s so deep that sometimes I wonder why God decided to trust us with these little individuals, why he entrusted so much responsibilities and duties in our hands as mothers.

The emotions never dry up right from when we had them, we watch them take their first steps and we want to cry, we entrust them to caregivers and it seems as if the sail is taken away from under our feet.

We watch them sleep in the night and we want to cry, they give us their tootsie grins and we get broken and just bawl away.

How do we find ourselves in such endless pit of love moms?  We constantly live with fear of raising godly and responsible kids, we constantly worry if they would do well at school, we get so scared of them being bullied when we are not there to defend them. The list of fears and anxiety is endless.wpid-wp-1416252489796

To that mom who constantly dries her tears so her children won’t see it I celebrate you, I celebrate you for being so strong and wanting to hold it all together, but I want you to know mom, it’s ok to cry and your children understands and connects one way or the other, it’s ok mom, let go of the emotions, be free and let it out.

To that mom who is teetering  on the brink of insomnia, pause, take a deep breathe and have a me time, ask for help around wherever you can get it and sleep even if it’s for two hours, don’t shrink away mom by taking on the whole world and making them feel better, pause, take a break and rest.

You would get back into the mommy mode feeling refreshed and willing to move mountains for your kids and family.

To that mom who blames her self for every little mistake made in parenting, I want you to know that you are the best to your kids, no one can take good care of them like you, no one can love them like you, don’t you see the way their faces lights up when they see you? You are the best and your children celebrate and love you in their tender hearts.

I celebrate every mother, old and new, you all are priceless, no one can repay us for our labour of love, God sees, He knows how much we are belabored and how much our strength wanes and dwindles on this journey of motherhood, and He gets us totally even if the whole world doesn’t, His grace is sufficient for us, we would raise godly kids, responsible adults and the whole world would call us blessed.

Written by OOA(Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu) of Musings and thoughts to celebrate  Moms all over the world. I get you, I feel you, subscribe to my newsletter so you can get  various encouraging post on the journey of a mom, let us walk it together, you are not alone. 

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