People travel abroad through various means, ranging from the normal means, to prostitution, asylum seekers, etc while they do everything to stabilise and get their documents.

As you are stabilising, perhaps you do not have enough educational qualification, neither are you polished, It is not a crime, but you must build yourself up if not for your own sake, but for the sake of your children.

If God blesses you and enlarges your territory, you get married and start having children abroad, understand that you are having children that are going to be totally different from you because they are born in a different environment.

They will behave different from you

They will speak different from you

They will do everything differently from you so be prepared to try to match up, if not at par, but be able to stand as a SOLID and proud parent.

You cannot be dressed like a ‘HUSTLER ‘ go into the bank with your polished and well spoken kids and you are chewing gum pa pa pa and shouting at the cashier like a woman inside Lagos or New Benin market.

It’s out of place please.

Your children are watching you if they are with you and you EMBARRASS them.

Learn how to speak solemnly according to the environment you are.

Your English doesn’t have to be correct, but be polished please.

Don’t go to your children’s school and be loud there “gba gba gba” on things that you can do calmly

This thing affects the Self Esteem of your children.

Their friends laugh at them.

Carry yourself in a way that your children would be proud of you and be proud to say that’s my mom and dad.

Don’t expose your kids to bullying by your “gba gba gba” way of doing things.

Rebrand, watch videos that can polish you.

Dress well and responsibly

Speak calmly even if the English is not correct.

I met a lady last year,her English get KLeg but that lady will speak like Oyinbo and you must like her 😀😀because her evolving mentality is so endearing.

She comports herself too.

Always looking for ways to improve.

Please do that If you are a woman who came abroad and does not have good qualifications.


You don’t have to speak phonetics but just be comported.

Carry yourself with DIGNITY.

You can do it irrespective of your background.

It all starts from your mind.