I just read a post now and it reminds me of how much love my mom sowed and sows into the live of anyone I call a friend right from when I was a child.

That’s the kind of parent I want to be.

A parent who understands that life is not a race.

Life na turn by turn.

A parent who would never compare her children’s journey with other people’s children’s own.

One of my Secondary school paddy didn’t gain admission for almost 3 or 4 years when we his mate were already in uni.

He would always come to our house to visit me sometimes when I am back from school and we gist like the paddy’s that we are.

One day my mom asked him why are you not in school yet?

It’s becoming an issue I will talk to my uncle who is a Dean or so and get back to you.

It was like a joke, that was how my paddy got an admission!!!!!

He was over the moon and brought a whole lot of gifts for my mom courtesy of his elder sis when the admission clicked.

I also remembered someone who was a friend of my brother and I.

He had a fake law admission in Uniben and discovered in 300 level.

He lost the zeal for life and just sat at home for months.

My motivational and inspirational instinct kicked in one Sudden day 😀 and I started to pump him up by interrogating him till I found out he was on the verge of being derailed as a result of the fake admission and he felt age was not on his side.

So I told him, your mom is comfortable, why don’t you try to get Babcock form, write the exam for International Law and Diplomacy, that’s close to something you would like as there is no law in Babcock.

At this time my brother was in Babcock so my mom knew all the rudiment to securing an admission there.

He thought I was an alien. So I told him I would speak to my mom, she knows someone who can give you a referral to Babcock as per Seventh Day Adventist referee.

I talked and talked and that was how life came back into this guy.

I spoke to my mom and boom she also counseled him.

That was how he took the form, my mom put in the right words where necessary and he got into Babcock.

That guy has gone into the ends of the earth, doing superbly well, and never forgot this gesture of my family.

He is always grateful even after several years when we play catch up.

I can write a book on my mom’s magnanimity towards our friends.

She has no competitive heart when it comes to her children and other people’s children.

She always wants all of us to do well and shine at our different lanes.

I honestly think some of her good will to others speaks for my brother and I today.

I have received help and favour from the most unexpected quarters.

People have risen to speak for me before kings so I can be favoured.

I learnt this crucial life lesson from my mother.

Never compare the journey of your children’s life with other people’s children own.

Just raise your own children and pray alongside.

Appreciate your children’s friends and guide them to also choose good friends.

Some of my friends from first day at university are like my mom’s kids till date.

I can count on them when it comes to her and several things about my life.

We are bloods and the tie is so very strong.

One even sent her a surprise christmas gift all the way from Canada last year. And she does this every now and then. She would read this and smile as the silent follower wey she be😀😀

This is one of the crucial lesson I learnt from my mother.

Be good to your children’s friends and don’t sow seeds of comparison and competition in the friendship.