You ‘might’ never grow in good times.

You are remembered by what you conquered during crisis

People would remember how you came through and still kept standing during crisis.

Rather than cry and whine and waste your time in crisis, use it to create and innovate because that is when your mind is working at it’s greatest frequency.

Rather than ask God why me and be in self pity mode, tell yourself who should it be and be productive in that season.

Sometimes being productive during crisis could be stillness and learning the spiritual and life lessons God wants you to learn.

Sometimes it could be rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

We are reading the book of Psalms today and it’s potency is supernatural because David got to work during crisis.

The man kept pouring out and writing in the times of various crisis in his life.

Don’t let crisis cage you, don’t allow the fear of people’s opinion cage you during crisis.

Learn how to USE crisis to innovate and elevate rather than resort to thinking that would land you in the hospital or kill your enthusiasm for life.

Sometimes it could be that you are innovating and also staying in the place of quietness to learn and hear God, but never stay down or resort to self pity during crisis.

Use crisis to scale up rather than cry and whine.

Use your mind positively and advantageously during crisis rather than resort to self pity.

Crisis is usually a blessing in disguise if you have conditioned your mind to see the blessing in every situation.

This is not just theory but life practical lessons that has worked for me.

It will all eventually add up and end well for you.

You are helped in Jesus name.

James 1v4 “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Sometimes you need to learn perseverance through the school of life because where God is taking you to is far, you must be well equipped by becoming totally broken and stretched till you die to SELF and become a threat to crisis and negativity.

Submit to the process don’t take a shortcut.