I just want to be a beautiful soul with nothing shaking me.
This has always been my desire on how to live my life each day with a smile.


Not forgetting that life has a different plan from our thoughts and we really do not know its next action.


Life could be very funny because life would always have a genuine reason for letting some things happen, well, as humans we always have reasons why it shouldn’t happen.

In the year 2019, while I was ending my HND program, I realized I was already setting into depression, it was at that point that I knew depression was real.

It was that year that I lost 3 amazing personalities, the last was a father figure, towards the end of the year.

Depression is not something good to be toyed with, I knew that if I was not careful, it would take charge over my life and give me a big blow on the face.

I really do not like or appreciate it when someone or something tries to take charge over my life.

Let me not bore you.

I started the year 2020 in a depressed mood I would say.

After my HND program, I was supposed to go and serve but I never gave it a thought or even gave it actions.
I actually wasn’t moved for it.

Here was what happened.

I needed to snap out of my depressed state, I thought of what to do, so, I approached a church member who is a fashion designer and I told her I would love to learn how to sow but I don’t have money to pay and I wouldn’t want to disturb my parents for such at this time.

It was my joy and gladness when she accepted, and no, she didn’t accept because I was a church member. Well, her words to me still rings like a bell, be patient and you will see yourself going places.

*A tear just dropped*

She is Iya Ibeji like we call her.

She never for a day, gave me reasons to doubt myself.

She is a sweet soul, nothing shakes that woman.

So strong and ready to give life another chance.

(Permit me to leave the details of our relationship behind)

Fast forward to March 15 or 16, lol, on a Sunday, I was on my bed, with my phone when I sent a message to the CEO of a publishing brand stating that I would love to work with her(Name withheld). Looool, I don’t know if she would remember.

Well, just to let you know that the outcome is the blessing I am enjoying today.

In two weeks of working for her, she started paying me.

It came as a surprise though.

(I have had encounters with so many sweet souls)

Into the middle of year 2020, I fell sick, my mum would always touch my chest to know if I was still breathing in the middle of the night. (Lol)
I stopped going for my fashion class because I was sick
(Let’s move dears)

You know, been a sweet soul doesn’t just happen with mere thoughts, it comes with action and a lot of commitments.

(Let me hold your hands through)

I hate sitting at home doing nothing, so after I stopped going for my fashion class, I decided it was time for me to serve.
(This is a story for another day)
Baby girl isn’t serving yet.

I thought of what to do, ohh, I came across another sweet soul, a business woman who just launched two books(name withheld).

On our first encounter, she told me I was amazing, lol, it birthed a good result.

Just to let you know that I got 3 good complements this week, one even stated that my voice gives her calmness.

You know been a sweet soul doesn’t just happen, positive change in life doesn’t just happen.

People have had it worst, people are having it worst, people will have it worst but don’t stop been a sweet soul.