Happiness isn’t a choice but a must.

You might begin to wonder how your happiness is my business or someone else’s business.

Do you know that your mood and expression affect those around you?

You might ask how?

Happiness means experiencing the effect of favorable fortune, having the feeling arising from the consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, as peace, tranquillity, comfort, contentment, and joy.

When you are happy, you spread it, yes, you won’t keep it to yourself, your response to situations will depict happiness which breeds positivity.

Ohh, now you know why nobody would want any form of negativity close to them.


Don’t stay looking like a cast away when you can look beautiful, radiating in Gods blessings.

Negativity means something damaging, something undesirable or unfavorable.

No, we don’t need this in our daily lives.

We don’t want to spread negativity.

One attribute of happiness is knowing yourself.

While you might know yourself, it’s paramount that you should KNOW YOURSELF.

Let’s pick this in bits.

What does it mean to know?

To know means to be certain, to be sure, to be familiar with, to be acquainted with, to understand, to be informed, to experience, and to be knowledgeable.

Oh yes, you might be nodding your head, saying within you, oh, I know, I know so many things about myself, who wouldn’t know about himself or herself.

Of course, knowing about yourself goes beyond just your physical appearance.

There are three (3)arms of the KNOW.

Certain, Sure, and Familiar with yourself.

Acquainted and Understand yourself.

Experience and Knowledge of yourself.

K: Knowledge
N: Now
O: Or
W: When?

Would you rather have the KNOWLEDGE NOW?

OR are you waiting for WHEN you will be ready?

You really won’t be ready.

So begin the journey NOW.