Knowing that you have a bad past is a demon that would keep hunting you if you decide not to let it go.

Gosh! do you know what a past which you find difficult to let go could do to you?

It feels like a demon that sleeps and wakes up with you.

Imagine your most favorite person smiling at you, knowing you can’t do without him or her.

That is what a past does when you have refused to let it go.

Do you know something would become a past very soon and we just have to let it go because it isn’t meant to rule or dictate our lives for us.


You seem to be fairing well and fine, you seem to feel you have taken over our lives by dictating what we should do and what we should not, where we should go and where we should not go, you have become a boss who can’t be stepped on.

You have a taste of power, don’t you think you have gotten a taste already and it’s time to leave, after all to everything there is a time and season, don’t you think it’s time to pack and go?

Thank you for the time spent, while we were under self-isolation because that is what a past does.

We have come to the conclusion that we need to breath fresh air.

We have Identified you, we know what you don’t want.

This is so easy to say.

But do you know that away from this, you need a breath of fresh air, as difficult as it may seem, you need to pack your past out of your life by yourself and for yourselff?

Do you know your past can not keep living with you?

Do you know your past is only using you to taste power?

Do you know your past can become a boss who wouldn’t want to be offended?

Do you know your past would keep dictating for you?

Do you know we all have a past but our experiences differs.

Do you also know that your past would keep you under lock and key, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

This kind of isolation is a very deep one.

Sometimes, we find ourselves repeating the same mistake you have made before.

You repeat it, not because you want to, but because it seems to be taking a part of your life.

I have been in such a situation before, it was a very bad one, because whenever I repeat such mistake, I tend to cry and it makes my spirit very weak.

That past is a LIMIT and it shouldn’t be given a power.

But when you have found yourself and also Identified with yourself, you should let your past become a lesson that shouldn’t be repeated.