This was a question God asked Moses when Moses wanted to dodge the assignment of delivering the children of Israel from Egypt (Exodus 4v2.)

Moses had a rod but he didn’t know that the rod was a master piece that could turn to ANYTHING 😀

That rod turned to a snake, that rod was used to foister loads of wonders that eventually delivered the children of Israel from Egypt at the end of their years of slavery.

Same thing is the story of many of us today.


Many of us have gold and massive wealth in our hands, but we don’t realise this because we are busy looking left, right and centre.

We are so afraid and we feel unworthy and inadequate.

We are busy letting the noises around us and in our lives distract us.

Some of you have Gold mine in you, in some of the things you have learnt but because of FEAR, INFERIORITY COMPLEX, UNHEALTHY COMPETITION and SELF COMPARISON you are not seeing those resources as things that can bless lives, generate wealth and blessings for you.

I ask you again today WHAT IS IN YOUR HANDS?

Change your mindset, ask God to help you Identify the blessings in the resources He has placed in you and in your hands.

Work with your talents and work at it diligently.

Be committed.

Be focused

Be diligent and watch wonders begin to happen to you and for you.

What you have is enough!

I pray you realise this ASAP and begin to manifest.

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