Challenges are part of what gives life a meaning.
Shall we be truthful with ourselves, challenges never end, they would never go.
But staying strong in the face of challenges is what gives more meaning to life.

I was on a bus on my way to oshodi, those long buses where you either pay for sitting down or standing, while the bus was moving, a man stood up and started advertising a product.

The man kept talking about this product with just a flier in his hand.

You would be wondering how a flier would do justice, without a product to back it up.
Of course, we all wondered.

All of a sudden this man announced that only three of the products are available and it’s for first come, first served.

He finally brought out the product and upon seeing the product, coupled with his previous talks about the product, people were eager to buy.

This man announced that whatever they see in the container is their business and he should not be held responsible.
People were eager to buy this product. WHY?

He said for every problem is a solution, and the content inside the container is a solution to every problem anybody might be passing through.

With just three of the product and a crowd of more than 30.
What is going to happen?

The first two who bought the product already had one, two, three persons begging for the product to be shared with them.

The cries of Oga give me your number, where is your office, overshadowed the voice of the conductor who was calling the next bus stop.
Nobody was willing to drop.

Drop bi ti ba wo (Drop like how and why?)

The third product was yet to be released, buyers ti po (The man already had lots of buys for the last product)

You might be wondering, what about the first two who bought the product.

One dropped at the next bus stop immediately he bought the product.

With no instructions on how to use the product, he became so excited, you know this kind of excitement that comes with “This kind of product can not be shared with anybody.

Who dares share this kind of thing.
This one is a blessing in disguise.

Back to the third product, the man was not ready to release it.

He instructed the other person who but the product but was still on the bus to open the container.

Should I let you know that this container was properly sealed.

When the container was opened, a leaflet was the only thing with an inscription. ” If I had solutions to every problem, I wouldn’t be here, trying to sell what is not possible, We don’t have problems, we have challenges”

Hands fell, mouths refused to get closed.
Imagine if he had sold and had highlighted from the bus immediately, or if he had said it is for your eyes only.
I only felt for the man who highlighted before him.

But then do you know that nobody except God has solutions to your challenges.

Your challenges only make you stronger, they don’t kill you.
No man has the solution to your challenges.
While you can choose to sit with your challenges, you can also choose to overcome it by walking above it.
I believe you will choose the latter.
Challenges are part of life, choose to overcome it.

Don’t sit at a corner drinking tears of self-pity.
You can do it.
You can overcome it.