The scripture says who despises the days of little beginning?

Many women business owners get to shrink or shy away from their businesses once it is not yielding the exact result they desire.

One of the reasons why this happens is that when a dreamer (business owner) goes into her mind and draws up her ideal business she is happy and full of hope. And this is good.

Happiness and hope serves as water on her dream. Her dream(business) now sprouts and makes the first stage appearance. All looks good.

Afterwards, the dreamer (business owner) goes to her dream board and observes that her business is far below it’s ideal place. Immediately, upon this observation it will take the grace of God and a lot of maturity for the business owner not to go into depression and start despising the little beginning where the business is at this stage.

What happened with the business owner is that at the time of creating the business in her dream imagination, she forgot to put timing for the expected growth trajectories.

That gap between her ideal flourishing business and present struggling business frustrates her greatly.

It’s also at this stage that many businesses die because the owners are disconnected subconsciously from them.

It usually happens within the first 5 years of the business.

However, if only the business owner can go into a waiting room,  what does that mean? It may mean just sitting with the idea that created the business, then a little something may come to give the business a needed push.

This principle cuts across all human endeavours.

A writer may have started a book project but midway the idea train of thought dries up. Then she looks at what she has created and condemned it being far from her bestseller ideal.

She abandons work on it, but keeps it.

If she didn’t go into depression all is well because something will come up that will open that train of thought for the book project.

It’s known that many writers indeed lost great work of creativity at that stage.

Some throw their work away into dustbin just to vent their frustration.

May women in business be encouraged. Business like anything must have its life span growth trajectory. And owner must move a step at a time. All will well.

Majority are mentally stuck in a bad place now especially the introverts.

They are locked up in their ideal dream world.

The world is leveled out, an entirely new era that nobody envisioned is about to emerge. Many businesses are already wiped out. My heart goes out to any business person in business in this period, may God incubate them with usual grace.

From my childhood I have always loved heavy doses of security and stability because of my nature. So, I got government job that suit my innate intellectual curiosity. Just being in that environment gives me the opportunity and grace to do other things. Now, a  woman who does only business is under serious tension by what’s happening in the world now for lack of security and stability brought in by COVID19

I strongly suspect that throughout this 2020, 2021 and 2022, a lot of time will be spent readjusting to the new curve Covid-19 have brought us and business owners into.

My heart goes out to every business owner at this time, they are actually angels serving humanity in various ways to meet needs.

May they survive this new terrain, and break even by God’s grace.

Article written by Mercy Praise.

A Women Empowerment Advocate

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