The mental strength of a Strong Woman is indescribable.

She amazes herself with how “JUST STRONG” she is.

A strong woman charts her course and defines her path.

She is not easily moved because she has a laser focus, neither does she pander to the dictates of the society.

When she makes up her mind about something she cannot be easily swayed.

A strong woman knows how to tune out the noise and JUST BE.

A strong woman knows how to rise from the debris of life and soar through it all.

She knows the extent of her power, yet knows how to make use of it positively.

She is not in competition with other women, neither does she allow herself to be motivated by the envy of another woman.

She identifies with the struggle of other women and sends out love, light, virtue, support and positive vibes their way even as much as she minds her own lane.

As a woman, understand that irrespective of our RACE, COLOUR and IDENTITY we are all alike in our struggles.




Don’t live all your life in fear of judgment and opinions.

Celebrate YOU!

You are JUST STRONG, you need to begin to acknowledge this.

Enjoy your processes even as much as you set your eyes on your goal.

It is not about the goal alone, the process matters now.

So you finished that task, CELEBRATE YOU.

You got that promotion CELEBRATE YOU.

You got back into school, CELEBRATE YOU.

You won that award CELEBRATE YOU.

You lost that weight, CELEBRATE YOU.

Enjoy your processes, enjoy what you do.DELIGHT IN YOUR WORK.

Be joyful in your achievements.

Understand that you are JUST STRONG and that is your greatest power.


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One of the beautiful thing about the JUST STRONG Team, and their mission as a brand is to empower women to strive for physical and mental strength.

For women to start acknowledging their strengths, and to recognize the fact that our lives are made of the stories we tell about ourselves, and that we have the power to write new ones.

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Have a fantastic day ahead.