One of the most beautiful thing that can happen to you in life is to be an answer to somebody’s prayers.
It is such a joyful and fulfilling feeling.
Allowing ourselves to be an instrument of blessing to someone else is such a huge blessing to humanity and to us as an individual.
Each time I find myself in this position I am always very elated and excited.
I am always grateful to God for the opportunity to be a positive vessel that is used to dry the tears of another.
The struggles I have been through in my moment of waiting on God for several things, most especially the same thing which I am now a vessel of blessing to others for, makes me extremely humble, and to be thankful to God.
It makes me understand that no condition is permanent.
It strengthens my resolve in God that delay is not denial.
Don’t ever feel that being delayed means life is over for you, or that you can never be blessed.
Don’t become bitter as a result of life struggles.
Don’t desire to make people suffer or go through the difficult path you had to go through before you can be a blessing to them.
This is one of the mode many people unconsciously reset to as a result of so many pains and life trauma.
Suffering has deposited so much bitterness in them, and their utmost desire is to make people suffer just like they suffered before they got their blessings.
No it should not be that way.
Sometimes you are the school because God knows no matter how battered you are, you will not cave, neither would you crash. So you are made to go through those things in order to be able to hold others by the hand and help them come out of the same struggle safely.
You don’t have to make them suffer just like you suffered in the past.
You don’t have to embarrass them just like you were embarrassed, you don’t have to keep silent at the edge of their breakthrough when you can actually speak for them and be a source of their breakthrough.
Activate your humanity dear reader, your experiences are not to mar you, and if they were you must not let them.  Rather let them make you.
The joy of being a vessel  to someone’s prayer being answered  is priceless.
Embrace it with all your heart each time life presents you with such opportunities.
Remember you are sowing a seed, progeny yet unborn from your loins might just get to harvest it all.
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