Who is a visionary woman?

A visionary woman is a woman who thinks about, and plans her future with imagination and wisdom.

She has envisioned a future, and she is on a mission to make that future a reality.

She is a woman who has had an encounter, she has her eyes set on a distinct goal.

She is a woman who knows who she is, what she is here for, and she understands her destiny and calling.

She has gone through the processes of incubation, she is pregnant with her vision and she is so excited at the processes of birthing it.

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A visionary woman is a self disciplined woman, and she has received the grace, and mastered the art of controlling her emotions rather than it controlling her.

A visionary woman knows how to choose the right people for her vision, and she understands the dynamics of moving with the right circle.

She has learnt that she cannot afford to be emotional about her destiny, so she puts her vision in the hands of God, and walks in wisdom towards achieving it.

A visionary woman knows how to embrace solitude when necessary, she knows how to retreat and refuel because of the enormity of her vision, she knows how to get prepared for it.

A visionary woman knows how to speak life and positive words to situations,  because she understands what the bible says in Proverbs 10 v 31 “A good person’s mouth is a clear fountain of wisdom, a foul mouth is a stagnant swamp.”MSG

A visionary woman does not listen to malicious gossips, neither does she believe in hear say, she has the fear of God in her and understands that when she listens to malicious gossips, everyone around her gets infected with evil. Proverbs 29 v 12

A visionary woman knows how to practice the art of selective listening, she guards her heart diligently because she knows her heart is connected to her vision, and if she allows her heart to be messed up, she knows that is the beginning of the death of her vision.

A visionary woman chooses the right mentors who speaks to her and challenges her to be better in a positive way.

She recognizes these people and she keeps them very close and nurtures a beautiful relationship with them.

A visionary woman is focused, she does not compete, neither does she compare herself to other women.

She knows how to stay focused, guard her energy and avoid distractions.

A visionary woman sets a target and goals for herself, she knows how to cheer herself up and on.

She understands her growth and processes.

She is in tune with her timing, so she is not in competition or on a mission to compete or out compete others.

Above all a visionary woman loves God, she is genuinely grateful to God for finding her worthy. She has a heart of gratitude in every situation.

She understands the word of the Lord in Proverbs 29 v 18 that says “If people cannot see what God is doing, they will stumble all over themselves, but when they attend to what He reveals they are most blessed.” A visionary woman is a thoroughly grateful woman, and she never ceases to thank God for her existence and her blessings.

Are you a visionary woman dear woman reading this?

Thank you for visiting my website, and I am so looking forward to seeing you again.

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Have a lovely and blessed week ahead.