Self sufficiency can simply be defined as the ability to be contented with what you have, and in yourself.

It means to be emotionally and intellectually independent.

It means you are enough, and you know it.

This is a beautiful state of mind to attain, and it makes life so rich and peaceful.

It means despite the fact that we are social beings and you acknowledge the fact that people are important, you are also  contented with whatever you have, or where you are while striving for something better at your own pace with total trust in God.

It means that you understand totally that no one owes you a thing, and you have ditched all forms of entitlement mentality before getting to the self sufficient state of mind.

If you can attain this state of mind, trust me, only then have you started living.

Nothing would move you, and no one would be able to blackmail you, neither would you be anxious about anything in life.

Some people mistake self sufficiency for pride, no it’s not, it’s simply SELF RESPECT.

It means that you respect yourself and you don’t go cheapening yourself at any slight need by going to anyone and everyone for help.

This is why we have to build the right circle for ourselves.

If you have a good circle and people who have your back, then your self sufficient attitude would not be a threat to them, rather you all respect one another, and when anyone has a need, they are quickly given the right support because you all have built love, support and integrity over time.

Don’t mistake the fact that you are self sufficient would make people love you.

The irony is that many people are threatened by self sufficient people.

They know they cannot break you because you are self sufficient, this is why they tag self sufficiency as pride.

Never mind anyone who twists your self sufficient nature as pride, you just keep being the awesome you, and don’t lower your standard in other to satisfy anyone.  If you do it, then you have just entered into the trap they set for you, be wise and stay self sufficient and God sufficient.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a blessed week.

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