Our society is so wired up in such a way that people want you to FIT IN irrespective of what you stand for.

If you do not fit in, they are going to find a way to punish you for STANDING OUT.

And when you look around, you see and hear people tell you directly and indirectly to swallow your dignity in other to FIT IN

And I sat down to ponder on this analogy and ideology

Of what use is fitting in while you lose your essence?

Of what use is an opportunity you get by losing your self respect?

You need to understand that many people are threatened by people with a strong personality.

They are threatened by people who have a healthy dose of self esteem and self respect.

They are threatened by people who do not care about fitting in.

They are threatened by people who stand out

They accuse such people of pride and arrogance.

Until you understand how many of this people are wired up, you would lose your essence trying to please the world.

You would lose your values and your self worth trying to fit in, in order to be qualified for certain perks.

The very essence of YOU, that strong personality you have is a GIFT!

It took me a long time to understand this about me.

The more I tried to blend into this world ideology, the more messed up I became inside.

The more I tried to play by this world rule the more unfulfilled I became.

And the irony was that the more I gravitated to being ME, the more blessed I was.

The more I unraveled my very essence, the more connections I got to the right people.

The more I used my voice like it should be used, the more my life changed for better and I began to do what I was born to do

Dear friend reading this, BE YOU.

Treat people right and well, be respectful just as much as you treasure your self respect.

But never stop being you in order to fit in.

Never stop being you in order to better your lot in life and be successful

Never stop being you in order to belong.

Do not trade your dignity for favours

The more I grow in life, the more lessons I learn that “BEING ME IS THE KEY TO MY TRUE PURPOSE.”

The very people who despise you for being you, and having your self respect intact are the very people you do not need in your life.

They are not your people, the earlier you understand this the quicker you grow

The way anyone chooses to understand or interpret you is their prerogative, it is not your business.

You just keep on being you as you live a purposeful life.

So are you going to FIT IN OR LIVE TRUE?

Think about this.

Thank you so much for visiting my website, hope to see you again.

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