UNPUTDOWNABLE  is a word I coined for the state of mind of not giving a hoot about negative criticisms and the harsh judgement of humans.

If you have ever felt judged, misunderstood, slandered or defamed you would understand how painful it feels.

However the world is not a fair play ground, and the moment you understand this, a lot of things we go through as humans would become easier to bear.

And sometimes we need to go through this phases in order to get to that UNPUTDOWNABLE mindset stage.

It got to a time in my life this year that I told myself that in order to live a wholesome life, I must get to the point where I stop caring about many things.

I needed to stop caring about gossips

I needed to stop caring about negative criticisms,

I needed to stop caring about the harsh judgement of humans

I needed to kill  my urge for validation and start living life on my own good terms.

I needed to raise my boundaries and define my territory.

I needed to put me first so I can shine more of my light for the people that needed it.

Dear reader, for you to grow and excel in life, be prepared to be ‘XRAYED’ , that is people would shine an intrusive light into your innermost being and poke you so deeply.

You need to get to the level where you stop bleeding when such happens, you need to learn how to detach your emotions from such analysis of your being.

You need to just go ahead to keep being YOU, keep enjoying YOU, keep doing YOU.

keep evolving and manifesting a better version of you, for YOU.

Stop quitting on you because of your fear of judgement, stop waiting on validation before you go ahead to be YOU.

The people that makes you dim your light  in order to fit into their mode are BEING THEM, SO WHY CAN’T YOU BE YOU?

It’s 2020 in a bit, aspire to get to the UNPUTDOWNABLE level, meaning  “A liberated state of mind that is empowered above negative criticisms, a desire for validation and human judgement.”

Embrace constructive criticism which can make you better, and trash every negative, envious and manipulative criticism in order to be YOU!

Don’t ever allow anyone put you down or shut you down forever.

Raise your head high and keep shining your light by being beautifully YOU.


Thank you for reading.

I hope to see you again on the blog.

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Compliments of the season and stay blessed!