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Episode 22

“Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!”

“Thank you dear elders of the church council”, said Pastor Nick as he looked up, looking into the eyes of the elders and deacons one after the other.

“I am utterly grieved in my spirit that you found my wife’s preaching extremely poignant and gender sensitive.”

“Why are we as a church so afraid of messages that revolves around liberating women and men becoming good and better husbands?”

“Why are we so afraid?”

Pastor Nick asked probing into the eyes of everyone?

“Could it be so much pride and ego on our part as a church, most especially we the men?”

“Could it be fear?”

“Could it be that we are so afraid of our shortcomings been bared while we explore this matters?”

“What exactly is the problem with us?”

“Why do we want to keep subjecting women to a position of servitude and keep shielding these things that we should bring open in the church?”

“Why did we have to wait till gender activists and feminists became the ones who started liberating women, most especially our women from outside the church?”

“Even at that we are still so stubborn, we are not willing to pay attention.”

“We fight this people, and we are still not doing anything to save our women.”

“We have not provided succour for them.”

“We are after the ones who speak on this sensitive matters in the church.”

“We label them as lost ones.”

“We see them as enemies and Jezebels!”

“Do you understand that we are the ones who are possessed by Jezebelic spirit with our actions?”

“We are so drunk on control, and controlling our women.”

“We don’t want them liberated, neither do we want them to be aware of the power God has deposited in them.”

“We want to keep them in control and in perpetual blindfold so they would not be aware of their identity.”

“How can we not be happy to see our women shine even as believers?”



Pastor Nick asked agitatedly while looking into the eyes of everyone.

“Let me tell you a secret dear council of elders, we are losing a lot of people most especially our women to the world!”
Pastor Nick said with eyes blazing.

“In what way and how do you meaniiiiiii elder Malaolu cuts in sharply?”

“Losing them how?”

“He asked loudly.”

A murmur went through the gathering, and Pastor Nick responded firmly.

“We are losing them by our insensitivity to their plight!”

“We are driving this women into the hands of the world where they find succour!”

“Christian women are going astray because we have refused to be sensitive as a church.”

“We are extremely judgmental, so abuse compliant and extremely political!”

“We don’t hear our women when they speak, we would rather ask them to submit, submit and submit to death in quietness.”

“Whereas outside there, all they need is one listening ear, and they are gone!

“Women are extremely sensitive beings, once they confirm you do not have their back and they see who do, then they will walk away from you emotionally and eventually physically.”

“My wife has only tried to highlight this issues yet we are asking she should not preach again?”

“No this would not work, dear elders I am sorry.”

“I am not being rude, or trying to disrespect you all, but I have a mandate, and my wife is a part of that mandate.”

“She is to walk in her calling as a christian women and marriage counselor.”

“We were brought to this parish for a reason, and by the grace of God that reason will be fulfilled in Jesus name……”

“Just listen to yourself Pastor Nick?” Deacon Okafor cuts in.

“Was it you that God called or your wife?”

“Why do you want to foist her on us?”

“Have you forgotten this is a church and we can frustrate your mandate as the council of elders?”

“You cannot possibly tell us as a matter of fact that you would go ahead to do what the council of elders forbids you to do, if we want her not to mount the pulpit again to preach then that is exactly what we are going to ensure happens!”

“Ohhhh yes, the council of elders chorused with elder Malaolu’s voice being the loudest and his eyes shooting daggers at Pastor Nick.”

1Timothy 2:11-12 says ‘Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.’ Said elder Okafor firmly.

“This is where we stand as a church, are we on the same page elders?”


The elders chorused firmly while Pastor Nick looked on in silence with a determined face.

“I have no urge to disregard the church policy, but Jesus Christ is my head, I also have the duty of submitting only to the authority of the church’s headquarter if it aligns with what Jesus will have us do.”

“Prior to then, I am inclined to follow only what Jesus would have me do as the Pastor in charge of this parish.”

“I have the grace to be the leader here, and I would not be subjected to any form of politics, neither would I allow my wife to be relegated.”

“We come in peace, but we would not be pushed around just because some people’s ego are being threatened.”

“Then you are going, barked elder Malaolu, we would make sure of that!”

To be continued

Written by

Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu