I know my title looks weird lol,  it came to me while I was packing some stuffs, and boom I hurried to pick up my phone and began to scribble away.

On my journey to opening Musings and thoughts, I had lots of  obstructions and mountains that looked insurmountable, I had no slightest idea on what to do and how to go about it,  I mean this was an idea that came like a faint whisper, I had resisted it times without number when the voice was loud and clear, how would I now obey this faint whispered voice?

I stood up and began to research,  I researched and tried a couple of mediums for some days and I discovered a WordPress account was the best.  Ok o, I subscribed for a domain name, installed a word press builder and “gbam” ( on the spur) I met myself on the strangest space.

I looked at the applications like an olodo( a dullard), and was like kileleyii? ( what is this) ah,  how would I go about this, I maneuvered  for a whole day with little or no head way, then I spoke to my husband and he said have you prayed? Jumoke I know you can do it when you set your mind to it, so go and do it!

I was wondering how God would reset my brain instantly so I can comprehend the whole stuff. I prayed o, and boom clarity came and I began to press the word instead of the word pressing me.  I became tech savvy over night ( don’t mind me that’s self adulation, I am still an amateur with loads and loads of applications to explore).

Friends don’t limit yourself, you can do what you set your mind to do, only a word of prayer is enough and you begin to gain clarity and the Lord would also walk you through.

He doesn’t mind us bothering Him with even the littlest logical detail, he cares about everything!

Don’t allow anyone limit or discourage you, or make you feel incompetent, don’t give them the satisfaction of quitting due to your fear and  perceived incompetency, don’t let them project their own secret fears and unfulfilled desires on to you, you are you, you are unique ,no one can do it like you and there is no one like you.

So henceforth,  don’t let the word press you, you keep pressing the word!

Wish you a beautiful and fulfilling  week ahead.

image culled from kb.greengeeks.com