Motherhood and the Society

Hello blog visitor, happy to have you here. I would love to introduce my first book to you, Motherhood and the Society.  I am so excited and elated at this huge feat. I never knew I could do it!

Last year I was just a blogger enjoying and learning from my own inspiration and writing. Not having it in my mind, or seeing it in the horizon that I was going to become an author in the first quarter of the year 2017. Wowza! How much life can change for us in a moment.

I am so grateful to God that this project became a reality. Becoming a mom of two exposed me to the reality and culture of motherhood here in Europe where I live, and I saw into the journey of motherhood and the loneliness accompanied therewith for women all over the world, most especially back home in Africa where women are regarded as a beast of burden who has to carry every member of the family .

The book is a must have for every woman who wishes to have a child or has a child. It makes you realize you are not alone, it speaks to your heart, it comforts you, it seeks to liberate your soul from the shackles of the society.

As an African woman home and abroad, it advocates for a better life for you in the society, it exposes your struggles and unspoken thoughts to the people around you,
it speaks about your struggle as an African mother in diaspora.
It makes them understand you better,
it is a mirror of the society and how much pain they have caused yesterday’s mothers, and are causing today’s mothers,
and how much everyone can do, including our African governments to make life easier for mothers.

Motherhood is a lonely journey and we bleed all through, we need a sane environment to raise our children,
the burden the society has put on women has to go!
it is a cry for understanding,
a cry for help,
a cry for justice,
a cry for sanity…………………..

It is a must have for every man who wants to see into the unspoken struggle in the heart of womanhood in order to help bring succor to it.
It will help you become a better man, husband and father after reading this book.
It will help you join in the struggle to create a better environment for mothers for the sake of the future of the little, beautiful princesses you have now, or might have in the nearest future.

Below is a review I got about the book by a buyer on amazon named Abimbola……………

“Very good book, well written, relatable as it brought back memories of my experience and journey to motherhood. I would recommend this Author to anyone. This book depicts African lifestyle on motherhood and the enormous expectations surrounding the same. It is weighed in the balance with the author’s experience in the Western world which shows a divergence in culture and value for women. It encourages joint responsibility of parents not disregarding alone time or single parenting.

It gives a better understanding of how desirable women are of becoming a mother without much preparation of how their lives would change through this decision. It captures important aspect of motherhood that is usually neglected e.g. Single mothers, nursing mothers, nurses/mid wives, joblessness etc and the challenges faced by them. This book is highly recommended to all who come in contact with mothers, have a mother, raised by a mother or married to one.

Once you settle down to read you won’t stop, its gripping. My husband read this book before I did and said it’s a book for men to better understand the role of mothers in the society. I totally agree with him, but I believe further that this book is for everyone.

I enjoyed the read and know you would too. So get a copy. I also got another copy for my pastor’s wife and I know she would love it. I hope to read more books from the author soon.”

Brilliant writing.”

It is my sincere hope that when you buy this book, you would love it, be blessed by it, and you would recommend it as good buy for all and sundry in every corner of the world.

Thank you so much for supporting my dream.


PS: Here is the link to it on amazon  HERE

You can also order for your copy here on the website if you are a Nigerian, and if you don’t have a Paypal account please send email to