From the Perspective of the Child

From the perspective of the child takes you into the world of a child from a dysfunctional family. This book would serve as a companion for an individual from such a home and background. It would make you realize that you are not alone in that journey, and you would see practical tips that would help you navigate through the murky waters of life.

Your eyes would be opened to a lot of secrets, and you would see some of the things you are going through in this book and how to navigate through them and take the best decision for yourself at all times despite the odds being against you.

This book advocates for every child from a dysfunctional home or background and stands in solidarity with them.

As a woman who is in an abusive and violent marriage or relationship this book advocates for you, and it gives you practical tips on how to navigate your way though and out of such situations.

This book opens your eyes to the world of a psychopath and how they treat their victims in a marriage or a relationship. If you are a victim in such situation, you would see the horror of what you are putting yourself through, and I guarantee that after you read this you would have gained wisdom on the steps to take in order to stay alive and well.

The book advocates and explains the journey of separation and divorce for the woman in the Nigerian society, most especially the helpless woman. It takes you through the many challenges that comes with divorce as a Nigerian and an African woman, and it prepares your mind on how to handle the situation, yourself and your children without falling apart.

It also advocates for a better legal and law enforcement framework for dealing with separation and divorce.

From the Perspective of the Child takes parents into the world of their children who unfortunately bears the brunt of the hostility of divorce and separation.

Every parent need to read this book to prevent raising children in dysfunctional homes, and if unfortunately separation and divorce happens this book would help you to see what might likely happen to your child(ren) if you both allow hostility and incivility reign, and the realization of this would help you both on how to put the feelings and overall mental well-being of your children into utmost consideration putting every resentment aside and working together to raise your children in a conducive and civil atmosphere.

As a man this book is most especially good for you. It would take you into the world of your child or children on what they would go through or might go through if your home is an abusive one or if separation and divorce comes up and you decide not to be civil and become cruel.

You would see the psychology of your child(ren) in this book, and the challenges that they would face from your extended family, society and life in general.

You can’t read this book as a man and remain the same. This book is a picture that men do not see until they become old and helpless.

This book is a manual for every man in their prime, it is full of a lot of secrets and revelations which would leave you a better man who would work hard at building a better home and family.It is a must have for everyone.

It is available on Amazon on paper back only.

The links to the book on the various Amazon sites are as follows HERE HERE

As the writer of this book,  I am so happy, giddy and humbled that my children and children’s children would get to read this. I do not take it for granted at all and I am so very grateful to God for giving me the supernatural wisdom to write and gift this book to the world in order to create a change, Thank you Jesus.

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