There are somethings happening to believers these days that will strike at your faith and shake you as a child of God.

It’s like the devil is on top of his game looking for ways to ridicule believers and make them start to doubt God.

Things like men of God dying at the altar

Believers and pastors who minister healing dying of sicknesses

Staunch believers renouncing the faith.

I had my own episode last year December, I was deeply shaken and perplexed when a mentor who was a Pastor and staunch believer died.

I questioned God….

One thing that helped me get over that period was my encounter with God.

When you have had an encounter with God ceaselessly you would know that He is real.

No amount of shocking events happening around in the world can shake your believe in God even when you are down and perplexed at the turn of some events.

It is OK to be perplexed

That you are a child doesn’t mean you will not go through, the only difference between you and an unbeliever is that you have been bought with the blood.

You are redeemed.

The bible says that the SAME event happens to the righteous and the wicked, but for the righteous there is hope.