So many youths today are living because they are alive. They are living just as the days goes by, they are just there, they feel nothing good can come out of them again, they feel, since nothing good can come out of them then they just roll as the days goes by.

They feel since there’s no success from the system or no success in terms of parental upbringing, then there’s nothing they can do about it.

They have this believe that if the system can fail them who are they to make it right. Haven’t you heard the Yoruba adage that says *IT IS FROM THE BLACK POT THAT WHITE PAP COMES OUT FROM* This simply means that regardless of the system, regardless of your background, regardless of your past, something good and better, the best can still come out of you.

I have come to understand that this is life and sometimes we fail, we fail doesn’t mean we are failures, it simply means we should do better to be winners. Like I always say, if everything fails you, with God by your side, you shouldn’t fail yourself. 😍😍