“A mind living in obscurity would hear the
word “vision” as an ambiguous word, it would
sound heavy or even meaningless.

Whoever speaks about vision to such minds are just wasting their time, they cannot connect to whatever it means because they are not
operating in the same frequency as the one who has discovered who they are and discovered their purpose.

This is why I need you to be at alert when
it comes to your life and destiny.

Anything that makes you not to connect to life changing messages, words or whatever it is that can change your life has no other mission than to delay and destroy your destiny.

It is the devil’s ploy and plan to keep you
in chains and captivity. I decree that as you are
reading this book, your spirit and mind jerks
back to life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Your vision is very important! It might
sound ambiguous, but until you come out of
obscurity, discover purpose and have a
vision for your life, you might not understand
how important vision is to your existence…..”