You might be going through some low moments, due to some decisions you took some time ago, probably due to someone you met and it has been giving you sad moments.

You really wish to let it go but it doesn’t seem to be going, you are trying to make a move but whatever it keeps making you stay back.

You want to stand but you feel, standing would make the world know what you cooked that made the house to burn.

You are ashamed and you feel keeping your head to the ground is the proper thing to do so that people will not see you.

You feel remorse, yet you can get to make a move.

You need a new dawn.

You wish everything didn’t happen the way it did.

You wish to be happy again.

It is like a nightmare you wish to wake up from but dawn doesn’t seem like it’s coming.

Would you rather keep sleeping waiting for dawn or you create dawn again giving yourself that blissful origin?