If you are a leader or a mentor, you owe yourself the duty of care to guard your heart diligently.

Don’t demand loyalty in all sphere of the lives of others because you are leading or mentoring people.

The truth is that people will disappoint you, so you need to prepare your heart.

Keep it official, keep it within the limit of the purpose to which you lead or mentor.

Demanding loyalty in every form of the existence of another because you are leading or mentoring them is a manipulative form of leadership.

You cannot also police the people you are leading or mentoring.


An INSECURE leader or mentor cannot COMMAND loyalty from the people they are leading.


Your insecurity and tyrannical nature would only breed yes men and women who would be looking for escape route from your clutches.

You are sowing the seed of REBELLION as an insecure leader.

Allow people breathe under you.

Let them have a life outside of your leadership.

You cannot control how they speak, eat, breathe because you lead them.

If it is in an organisation setting, the moment your policy begins to invade their private lives, then your leadership and management is toxic.


You cannot hold people to ransom because you lead or mentor(ed) them.

I see a lot of leaders in this kind of SELF TRAP and it worries me.

Own Your Heart dear leader.

Stop being insecure and manipulative.

Stop getting angry when people leave you or want to have a life outside of your leadership.

Learn your lesson when they betray you and gain more wisdom.

Learn your lesson when they mock you at your down moments and keep it moving.

Don’t allow SELF to drag you backward.

Be wise and keep it moving.

The destination is FAR.

You are blessed.

You will not fail in Jesus name.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the tight time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6v