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A MISSILE : By Regina Okonko.

I’m beginning to believe that every Nigerian youth has a copy of IDENTITY right now because that book can so bring out the real you from the entrapment it was in, and it will make you do the positive unthinkable things that people who were looking down on you will be amazed at how far you can go to attain a greater height.

When I saw the caption of the first chapter of the book, IDENTITY, I remembered R. Kelly’s song “trapped in the closet”. Though funny, but it passed across a very strong message. Being trapped brings about comparison, dissatisfaction, helplessness, fear, makes you powerless.

Being trapped causes a lot of people to see themselves as non- entities, comparing themselves with others and locking up the potentials they have inside them.

We have a lot of photocopied human beings in our society today, because the standard set by the society today as regards what *being successful* is, has caused a lot of people to want to be like the other person when actually they can be themselves and be successful.

*The only person you have to be true and loyal to is yourself*

Most people are so trapped without being aware that they are trapped, locking up great potentials and gifts. Until they discover themselves, those potentials and gifts will remain locked up.

Parents should allow their children choose the career they want to practice by themselves. It shouldn’t be mandatory for the children to follow their footsteps. Even when most of the children do well and are successful in the path mapped out for them by their parents, that feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction won’t be there.

Discovering yourself comes with inner peace and satisfaction. It unlocks potentials.

There are a lot of things to learn from this self discovery, purpose and leadership book, IDENTITY, (a missile that will launch you into the global world.)

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  1. Truly, discovering the real you will free you from every form of negativity. Ever since I discovered the real me, I experience true happiness/joy and peace of mind every second of the day. I play dumb to every negative vibes/energy around me by applying the SHIFT concept.